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Mr. Burgher's Art Facts


Mix Master
About Mr.B

Crow- hope
Dolphin- fortune
Ermine- purity
Lion- justice
Swallow- resurrection (thought to hibernate)
Toad- death

Green- lush, hope, healing,
Red- fire, charity,
Ultramarine Blue- Value. Mineral more expensive than gold in Afghanistan
Blue- water
White- purity, faith
Purple- royal,
Color & Health:
Blue- affects eyes, ears, & nose
Red- affects motor skills, nervous system & the spine.
Orange- affects circulatory system & lymph systems.
Yellow- affects heart & lungs.
Green- affects throat & speech.
Purple- affects non-verbal & mental activity.
Pink, lavinder, pale yellow, and green- best smelling colors (for a room)

Apple- Forbidden fruit
Apple (held by Jesus)- offer to remove original sin
Gourd- Forgiveness
Grapes- Suffering (grapes make wine/symbol for blood)
Orange- Forbidden fruit
Peach with one leaf- truth
Pear- Productiveness
Pomegranate- Jesus’ death and resurrection or a church (many seeds/people)
Quince- Forbidden fruit

Lock of hair falling on the lefy- love
Lock of hair falling on the right- lust
Look over left shoulder- looking to a loved one
Look over right shoulder- looking to lust.

3- Trinity
4- Gospels in New Testament
7- music notes/days a week/
12- gates/Apostles/tribes of Israel/zodiac/articles of faith

Blindfolded Woman- justice
Hand on heart- faith
Hands together- Hope
Nude Woman- truth
Skeleton/Skull- death
Woman with helmet- faith
Winged Woman- hope

Random Things:
A and W - God’s Timelessness
Book- faith
Candle- faith
Chalice- faith
Crown- hope
Flowers- hope
Globe- truth
Hourglass- death
INRI- Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews
Lilies- immaculant conception of the Virgin Mary.
Scales- justice
Scythe- death
Ship or Shells- fortune or hope
Skeleton/Skull- death
Sward- justice
Some objects are just placed to demonstrate the artists skills.

Seven Deadly Sins:
Naked woman being eaten by toads or snakes, pig, donkey, rooster, goat, rabbit, dove, ape, mirror, cherries, fig tree.
Obese person, vines, food/drink, pig, boar, bear, wolf, hedgehog.
Someone with valuable objects, blind folded, purse, coins, luxury items.
Sleeping person, donkey, ox, pig.
Violent person, ripping cloths, lion, sward.
Little upset woman, person eating a sanke or their own heart, snake, dog.
Woman looking in a mirror, Man falling off a horse, peacock, eagle, lion, devil in a mirror.

Seven Liberal Arts:
Woman watering plants or teaching, scroll or book, writing tools, fruit, drinking fountain, door, Priscian or Donatus.
Scroll or book, sward, shield, globe, Cicero.
Old men talking, flowers, scorpion, snake, lizard, scales, scroll or book, Aristotle.
Compass, globe, sexant or astrolabe, Ptolemy.
Ruler, set, square, compass, science instroments, globe, Euclid.
Abacus, ruler, book with math calculations, Pythagoras.
paper with music, instruments, lute, swan, Orpheus, Pythagoras, Tubal-cain.

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