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The term Romanticism was first used as a literature and art movement that later developed into a musical style. This is the style of the House of Parliament in London (and the famous Big Ben), Jean-Jacques Rousseau (philosopher), Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (author, philosopher and scientist), and Ludwig van Beethoven (musician).
As we can hear in Beethoven's Fifth Symphony or read in Rousseau's Confessions, there is nothing romantic about the Romantic. There are a number of characteristics to Romantic Art:
FEAR is central.
Remote places
Adventure & war
Escape from rational thought
Sublime (fear, ah, astonishment)
Mental illness
Personal Mysticism
It is now, in the 18th  century, that we first see what we would call a modern-like art museum or gallery. Art has a function and communicates a message for its owner. We see more communication for the sake of the artists message for the masses.

Due to the large amounts of content on each artist, you can find the information, photos, links, and other tid-bits under the link on this page to the "Artists notes."

Francisco de Goya: March 30,1746-April 16,1828...Spain

Théodore Géricault: Sept.21,1791-Jan. 26,1824...France

William Blake: Nov. 28,1757-Aug. 12,1827...England

J.M.W. Turner: April 23,1775-Dec. 19,1851...England

***Starting with Gustave Courbet, Realism enters the Romantic era. Although still fundamentally Romantic, but now with a real depiction of subjects...

Gustave Courbet: June 10,1819- December 31,1877...France

Thomas Eakins: July 25,1844-June 25,1916...United States

Édouard Manet: Jan. 23,1832-April 30, 1883...France

Edgar Degas: July 19,1834-Sept. 27,1917...France

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