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Mr. Burgher's Art Facts


Mix Master
About Mr.B

Popular art, or Pop Art is based on things in our American Culture that are...well...popular. The art is also based firmly on: basic media, our culture, and everyday westernized life.

Due to the large amounts of content on each artist, you can find the information, photos, links, and other tid-bits under the link on this page to the "Artists notes."

Robert Rauchenburg: October 22, 1925 - May 12, 2008...Sweden

Jasper Johns: May 15, 1930-****...United States

Andy Warhol: 1928-1987...United States

Claes Oldenburg: January 28, 1929- ****...Sweden / United States

Roy Lichtenstein: October 27,1923-September 29, 1997...United States

Judy Chicago: 1939-****...United States

Barbara Kruger: January 26, 1945-****...United States

John Wayne. Andy Warhol. 1986.

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